Hi, I’m Glenn Fiedler the author of gafferongames.com

These days I run The Network Protocol Company, but before this, I was a network programmer in the AAA game industry. I lead the team that networked God of War, helped out with the networking on Journey, and worked as a network programmer on Titanfall 1 and 2.

Throughout my AAA career, I’ve always believed in sharing information. Paying it forward. I’ve been doing this for the past 15 years. Writing articles, talking at GDC and basically doing whatever I can do to share knowledge. It makes me so happy when I meet people who learned their trade as a network programmer reading articles I that wrote 10 years ago.

And now there’s even more stuff I want to write about. But writing quality articles takes so much time and I need to earn enough money to pay rent, feed my wife and kids and pay for health insurance. Because of this, I rely on sponsorship to carve out time to work on new articles and open source code.

So far it’s been working out great. Each month around 180 supporters provide $2500 to support my work on Patreon. This support literally pays my rent and makes it possible for me to work on open source code like libyojimbo, netcode.io and reliable.io

If you enjoy my articles and open source code, please support my work. Not only does your support encourage me to create more articles and open source code, you also get access to example source code for articles on gafferongames.com

Cheers and thanks for your support!

– Glenn